Friday, June 30, 2006

If you played for Brazil, what would your name be?

Yes, this is what we do at work on a Friday when most people have Monday off, but not us.

Call me:

Try it out.

Friday Afternoon Funny

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tonsil Free Posting

It's done. Lindsay is now sans tonsils. She's doing fine. She's on a popsicle and jello diet, the envy of first graders everywhere. She's following doctor's orders and drinking lots of water, taking her meds, and keeping her head elevated.

(Since we found out Lindsay would need her tonsils out, I have been asking her if she would let me keep them. I was thinking of putting them in some tasteful display, like how you would show a prized baseball card. But, she has always shot me down. )

So, after Lindsay got her knockout drugs, the surgeon (who was tiny) grabbed me and walked with me up to the surgical waiting room. He told me how painful it will be for a week, how I'm to be very patient with her, how I'm to make sure she drinks lots of water, how I'm to make sure she takes her meds, how she's allowed to take as much of the pain meds as she needs, and how I'm to call him if there's bleeding.

After his list of things, I shared my own. I asked him how many of these procedures he had done (around 600). I asked if they all went well. He laughed. I asked about her tonsils and how "freakishly large" they are. He said that a tonsil is a tonsil. I asked about keeping them. He laughed and said no.

Skip a few hours of TV watching.

When she was out of surgery, the doc stopped by to tell me all was fine. He looked shorter than I remembered him. He had tiny hands too. I was surprised about it when I shook his hand to thank him.

Afterwards, the rest of the time was just waiting for her to wake up.

In all, I think it went well. Sure, all I did was watch TV and read. Lindsay did the hard part. But, as of this morning, she was only in some discomfort but nothing horrible. Or, she's just a good liar.

Here are some pics (taken with my phone):

Waiting for a bed to be freed up. Notice the sexy lunch lady hairnet, paired with the periwinkle top. The hip chicks will be working this look soon enough.

The newest in pre-tonsil removal footwear. Sadly, her hook toe is hidden.

Getting vital fluids for her procedure.

More of an artsy picture to get a sense of the area. This is before her surgery.

My private waiting room. I had it to myself for hours. I got to watch Princess Bride and Maury, which, to my shock, is even worse than Springer. I loved every minute of it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bruce Springsteen featuring Sting - The River live

No reason, I just thought this was an amazing clip.

Monday, June 12, 2006

At The Zoo

On Saturday, I went to the SF Zoo with Lindsay and her family. Her nephew just turned two so his grandparents drove up to celebrate. And, Warren, Lindsay's Dad, wanted to spend time with me. To bond.

Here are all the pictures. Click here.

So tired. Obviously, they had a rough night on Friday. Maybe the lioness has a jimmy leg too?

Airing out.

What are you looking at?

At the petting zoo, I made friends.

This was my favorite part. You got to feed birds inside this big cage. The bird food was glued to popsicle sticks (looks like bud) and the birds were obviously trained. All you needed to do was lift the stick up and birds would land on you.

Lindsay "The Crazy Bird Lady" Hull.

On the merry-go-round.

Enjoying the cold SF day.

This is back in San Jose. I'm with Truman, one of Jack's "brothers". This was before he jumped on the kitchen counter to steal bread. Well played, Truman. Sorry I told on you. I just thought you might get hurt.

The funniest part of the weekend was Warren (Lindsay's Dad) telling everyone, over dinner (Lindsay was away from the table), about a friend of his who just got married and took his new in-laws, in their 80s, on his honeymoon. He looked at me as he told the story. I laughed and told him that I would not invite him since then I would have to bring my mother and she would bring her Pomeranian. Nice deflection.

And, Jack's other Grandfather ruined the surprise that I was planning for Lindsay in DC. Yes, Lindsay, it's a White House tour. They're usually booked well in advance so that's why the background check. Save the gown for the next State Dinner.

That was the weekend.

US just lost 3-0 in soccer. Solid start.